Friday, September 22, 2006

Press Release: The Diaper Doula will donate 25% of October sales to Operation Special Delivery

Press Release: September 22, 2006, The Diaper Doula will donate 25% of October sales to Operation Special Delivery.

Angela is a labor doula (another name for childbirth assistant) and the owner of The Diaper Doula. Angela makes beautiful arrangements of bibs, burp clothes, and baby socks in the design of bouquets, cakes, muffins and more. Angela is proud to donate 25% of October sales to Operation Special Delivery (OSD), an organization that offers FREE labor doula support to wives of military deployed at the time of the birth.

Angela's unique personalized creations are great gift ideas for baby showers, birth celebrations, and she also makes diaper gifts for dads. The Diaper Cakes are not only beautiful and creative, their handy too! And their two gifts in one.

Operation Special Delivery is an organization that provides FREE labor doulas for wives of military personnel who are deployed at the time of the birth of their child. The doula helps mom to prepare for the birth, stays by her side throughout the labor and the birth, and helps with the first breastfeeding. The doulas presence is calm and reassuring; she guides the mom through the changes of labor by providing emotional and physical support. The doula suggests comfortable laboring positions, makes sure mom has enough ice chips, bed linens, pillows, and she can massage moms back for comfort, or suggest a shower to relieve emotional and physical stress. Studies show the presence of labor doulas to be a comfort to moms and lowers the need for drugs, like epidurals by 60%. Moms who have been assisted by a doula say they feel their childbirth experience was a positive one. For more information about the program (Operation Special Delivery) please visit their site at

Angela can make any theme, in any color to match a baby shower theme or a nursery and ship anywhere in the US. All gifts are handmade and available in the color and theme of your choice. Visit Angela's site at

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