Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Press Release: Operation Special Delivery, New Program Director Mary Beth Nance

PRESS RELEASE: September 19, 2006. Operation Special Delivery (OSD), Military Labor Doula program, announces new Program Director Mary Beth Nance.

Founded following the events of September 11, 2001, Operation Special Delivery (OSD) provides volunteer Labor Doulas to ALL 50 states and all U.S. military installations and personnel worldwide. OSD provides FREE labor doula services to military families. Nance explains, “It’s a nice way to give back for the many sacrifices made by military and their families.”

Mary Beth Nance is a Labor Doula she received training and certification from two major doula certifying organizations, DONA and CAPPA. All 369 volunteer Labor doulas that work with OSD are trained and certified insuring the quality of care and support expectant and laboring women receive. Nance worked closely with the previous director over the course of about five months during a transitional phase and now completely overseas the organization with the help of her assistant Christy Shields. Nance says “since March 2005 we have received 272 requests for volunteer doulas from every corner of the United States as well as in Germany.” She explains, “There may not be a military base in every state but you never know who will go home to stay with family while their spouse is serving, these women need support too.”
Nance explains “CAPPA began overseeing the organization January 1, 2005 and offers a discounted training to military who wish to become labor doulas and assist women during childbirth. This is a terrific way to incorporate military wives and family groups, as well as military medical staff into volunteer programs. And reduce the stress level of expectant and laboring military wives during wartime deployments.”
CAPPA has several Certified Labor Doula trainers across the country to address your training and certification needs. Nance says, “They can travel to your facility to conduct trainings. If you are non-military and interested in volunteering or training we can also help you get started”.
Operation Special Delivery Labor Doula Program continues to maintain the integrity of its program and of the doula profession by serving military families during labor and birth. For more information please visit, or call 888-My-CAPPA, or email OSD at


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