Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Near Mama's Heart

Near Mama’s Heart

Question: What do La Leche League, Attachment Parenting International, and Harvey Karp, M.D., have in common?

Answer: They LOVE Near Mama's Heart; and you will too!

Colleen Newman, Maryland State Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and Certified Happiest Baby Educator, has a unique way of presenting information. Her book Near Mama's Heart depicts the special bond between mother and baby in every tender picture.

Near Mama's Heart is available for preview and purchase on Newman’s site
www.NearMamasHeart.com in the English version and in the Spanish version titled Cerca del Corazón de Mamá.

Near Mama's Heart, a children's book about breastfeeding written by Newman, is the perfect gift for moms-to-be, new Mama's or big brothers or sisters. It is the only children's book with real pictures of nursing Mama's, babies and their families. It is bright, warm, and a beautiful tribute to breastfeeding.

Near Mama’s Heart has received endorsements from well known authors and, parenting and breastfeeding experts such as Elizabeth Pantley, Amy Spangler, and Harvey Karp, M.D. to name a few. The Maryland State Department of Health distributes copies in their WIC offices and, The Australian Breastfeeding Association purchased copies to stock in their online and retail stores across Australia. Near Mama’s Heart is also available in many attachment parenting online stores and at Amazon.com.
Please call Colleen Newman at 866.849.BABY; and visit her site at
www.NearMamasHeart.com for purchasing information.


gladworks said...

For those in Southern New England:

Join Bellani Maternity for Cookies & Milk!:
Build Breastfeeding Awareness to Save Lives!
Wednesday, August 8, 9-11am, Warwick, RI

The simple act of breastfeeding can help save lives. By increasing breastfeeding rates around the world, we could save 1.3 million children annually and reduce mortality rates by 22%. This year's World Breastfeeding Week aims to save one million babies across the globe by building breastfeeding awareness. The Warwick, RI-based pregnancy resource center Bellani Maternity is hosting an official site for the World Breastfeeding Wave. In this worldwide event, women from across the globe will breastfeed at 10am (their local time), resulting in a 24-hour wave of sequential breastfeeding all the way around the world!

The event is held as part of World Breastfeeding Week, celebrated in over 120 countries worldwide on August 1-7. This year's goal for the awareness-raising event is to spread the word that immediate initiation of breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding for six months can save more than one million babies.

To help show our support, breastfeeding moms are gathering at Bellani Maternity at 1276 Bald Hill Rd., Warwick, RI (across from Target) on Wednesday, August 8 from 9 to 11am, for "Cookies & Milk." Have fun with other moms and families while we spread the word about breastfeeding. The synchronized feeding will take place at 10am and registration starts at 9am. For more info visit www.bellanimaternity.com or call Bellani at 401-234-1279.

Please note: no bottles, teats, pacifiers, milk or babyfood products will be allowed on-site during the event. These items will disqualify Bellani from participating in the World Breastfeeding Wave.

Unknown said...

World Breastfeeding Wave Hits Rhode Island:
Lactation Resource Center Saves Lives with “Cookies & Milk”

Warwick, RI – On Wednesday, August 8, 15 local mothers gathered at Bellani Maternity to breastfeed at 10 am sharp. They joined in a worldwide first – the largest synchronized breastfeeding in history. Other mothers came to show their support, and it turned out to be a great community event for mothers with young children!

The event was held as the culmination of World Breastfeeding Week, celebrated in over 120 countries worldwide from August 1-7.

The mothers, friends and families enjoyed sing-a-longs, and cookies donated by Providence’s Meeting Street Café while they learned more about the importance of breastfeeding.

“We’re here today to applaud the women of Rhode Island who’ve made the challenging commitment to feed their children as nature intended, and to support others in their decision,” said Kelly LaChance-Guertin BA, CCE, CD (DONA), CLC, Bellani’s Co-owner, and Co-founder in her address to Cookies & Milk’s 15 participating mothers.

For more information on Bellani Maternity visit www.bellanimaternity.com.

Michelle said...

Thank you for visiting and sharing this wonderful information.