Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Rebozo

by Michelle Schnaars
For the CAPPA Quarterly

The Rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl that
is long enough to wrap around a woman's body,
with about an extra 4-5 feet of fabric.
The Rebozo is a multifunctional
tool. During pregnancy
it is used to counteract back
pain, during labor to help the
mother into various positions
and for relaxation. It can also
be worn as a shawl in cold
weather. The Rebozo is also
used as a carrier for a newborn
and up to toddler age.

When used by a doula, the
Rebozo can be like an extension
of your arms. It allows
you to help support the laboring mom’s weight.
It can also help to ensure the mother is in the
right position.

The Rebozo can be used to help with changing a
posterior positioned baby or even a breech baby;
and it is commonly used in the second phase of
labor, like a tug-of-war, to help mom focus her
pushing and widen the pelvic outlet.

A Rebozo is versatile, the following are some
basic uses:
Have mom sit upright, position the Rebozo under
her arms and over her chest. Then stand behind
her holding the ends of the Rebozo so you
are supporting mom's weight. You can gently
sway the mom from this position.
Have the mom get in a hands and
knees position. Wrap the Rebozo
under her belly and around her
thighs so that you can hold the ends
above her. Then gently sway the Rebozo
side to side.

Quoting from“One of the uses of the Rebozo
(woven scarf) in pregnancy is the
Manteado, or “sifting.”
Sifting is a gentle but rapid jiggling
that relaxes the mother’s involuntary
muscles in her abdominal area.
Sifting with the Rebozo is one way
to apply the 1st Principle of Spinning
Babies –relaxing the soft tissues of the abdomen.
Manteado works effectively on the broad
uterine ligament.

Sifting can be the first activity used anytime relaxation
is desired. Sift regularly through pregnancy
to help baby into a good starting position
for birth.”


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Alyson said...

Wow!! This is a great item. I never hear about it before, but now I'm so excited to get it by my next baby. Thanks!