Thursday, October 09, 2008

Baby Names

I have been contacted by expectant parents looking for uncommon baby names. The following are names for boys and girls that I have compiled from an array of places. I have included origin, meaning, and alternative spellings when available.


Adin: Hebrew. Meaning: beautiful, pleasant, gentle.
Adric, Adrik: Russian. Meaning: dark; a form of Adrian.
Alaric, Alarik: Old German. Meaning: noble ruler. A common nickname is Aric (pronounced like Erik).
Alon: Hebrew. Meaning: Oak Tree.
Anshul: Indian. Meaning: radiant.
Arnav: Indian. Meaning: ocean; sea.
Arvind: Indian. Meaning: Lotus.
Aseem, Asim: Indian. Meaning: boundless; limitless.
Cameron: Scottish. Meaning: crooked nose.
Colby: English. Meaning: coal town.
Dougal: Scottish. Meaning: dark stranger.
Duncan: Scottish. Meaning brown warrior.
Etan, Eytan: Hebrew. Meaning: strong.
Evgenii, Evgeny: Russian. Meaning: born of nobility; a form of Eugene.
Felicks, Felix, Phelix, or Pitin: Latin. Meaning: fortunate; happy.
Gareth: Welsh. Meaning: gentle; an old man.
Garon: Hebrew. Meaning: a threshing floor.
Gavin: Welch. Meaning: little hawk.
Hamish: Scottish. A form of Jacob and/or James.
Hillel: Hebrew: Meaning praised.
Holden: Old English. Meaning: deep valley.
Kaniel: Hebrew. Meaning: a reed or stalk.
Lachlan: Scottish. Meaning: land of the lakes.
Maddock: Old Welsh. Meaning: champion; good fortune.
Saadiah, Saadia, Saadya: Aramaic. Meaning: God's help.
Simcha: Hebrew. Meaning: joy; also a girl's name.
Tearlach: Scottish. Meaning: farmer; a form of Charles.
Venka: Indian.
Yiska: Native Ame (Navejo). Meaning: the night has passed.
Zalman: Yiddish Meaning: peace.
Zavdi, Zavdiel: Hebrew. Meaning: my gift; gift of God.
Zerach: Hebrew. Meaning: light rising.
Zushye, Zusya: Yiddish. Meaning: sweet.


Abigail, Avigail: Hebrew. Meaning: father's joy.
Adra: Aramaic. Meaning: glory; majesty.
Amalia: Hebrew. Meaning: the work of the Lord.
Anechka: Russian. Meaning: grace.
Ansley, Ainsley: Scottish. Meaning: my own meadow.
Aravinda, Adavinda: Indian.
Batya, Batyah, Basia, Basha: Meaning: daughter of God.
Breasha, Briana, Breana: Irish; Scottish. Meaning: strong; virtuous; honorable; feminine of Brian.
Ceridwyn: Welsh. Meaning: fair poetry.
*Chrisentia, Chrisensia
Dalia: Hebrew. Meaning: branch.
Dasha: Russian.
Davina, Davida: Scottish; Hebrew.
Dayita: Indian. Meaning: beloved.
Dhara: Indian. Meaning: costant flow.
Eliana: Hebrew. Meaning: God has answered.
Hadass, Hadassah: Hebrew. Meaning Myrtle Tree.
Havilah: Hebrew. Mainly a male name, however there are more females now with the name too.)
Jaya: Indian. Meaning: victory.
Kiran: Indian. Meaning: ray of light.
Kyla: Irish. Meaning: princess; attractive.
Kyler: (Also a male name.)
Lakshmi: Indian. Meaning: born from the Lotus.
Laurel: Latin. Meaning: the bay; Laurel plant.
Maisri: Scottish
Marni, Marnina: Hebrew. Meaning: rejoice.
Michal: Hebrew. Meaning: who is like God; contraction of Michaela.
**Mirine, Myrrhine (the latter is the traditional spelling): French. (meh’ reh nee, accent on first syllable.)
Pari: Indian. Meaning: beauty; fair.
Peri: Hebrew. Meaning: fruit.
Raisa, Raizel: Yiddish. Meaning: rose.
Ramani: Indian. Meaning: beautiful girl.
Rayna, Reyna: Yiddish. Meaning: clean.
Seirian: Welsh. Meaning: sparkling.
Sima: Aramiac. Meaning: gift.
Simcha: Hebrew. Meaning: joy; also a boys name.
Tegan: Welsh. Meaning: of doe-like beauty.
Teja, Teju: Indian. Meaning: radiant.
Tova: Hebrew. Meaning: good one.
Varsha: Indian. Meaning: rain.
Zipporah, Tzipporah, Tzipora: Hebrew. Meaning: little bird.

*I do not know the origin. The name belonged to my 6x great grandfather's second wife. They came from Germany.

**Thank you Mirine for the information: "Mirine (meh’ reh nee, accent on first syllable.) Original origin, French (Europeans never have trouble pronouncing right off the bat…) … can also be found with the traditional spelling Myrrhine, which is also a character in the Greek play, Lysistrata, which my dad was directly around the time of my impending arrival. Also found in Croatia, there is actually a Mirine beach, with my spelling."

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