Thursday, October 16, 2008

CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training and Certification

Why CAPPA Childbirth Educator Certification?
CAPPA is an international non-profit training organization that offers the highest level of evidence-based training available. We are the fastest growing childbirth education and doula organization in the world. We are the only organization that certifies childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, antepartum doulas, and postpartum doulas. CAPPA is the most comprehensive pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum organization available, caring for women before, during, and after birth through education and support. CAPPA offers accelerated childbirth educator certification programs. CAPPA membership confers many benefits including free national conferences and online member directory.

Why Certify
CAPPA Certification lends to your professional credibility. Many couples look for certified childbirth educators. They feel more confident knowing you have taken that extra step to insure accuracy in the information you provide in your classes. Certification means up-to-date information, proper use of birth tools such as birth balls, massage tools, hydrotherapy, and labor and birth positions, and breathing techniques. It also shows you have learned about and understand the needs of expectant couples, and can redirect to community professionals as necessary.

Benefits of CAPPA Childbirth Educator Certification
o Formal well rounded education
o Support from CAPPA Faculty throughout training process
o College/University recognized certification program
o Continuing education units
o Free annual childbirth professional conference
o CAPPA Info Group for professional networking
o CAPPA MySpace for CAPPA members
o CAPPA Quarterly
o Online directory
o Referrals

Some advantages of being a Childbirth Educator?
Childbirth educators have the opportunity to reach families when they are open to new ideas and to help them achieve positive birth experiences. Educators usually work part time and can often tailor their schedules around their other activities and the needs of their families.

CAPPA's Mission
CAPPA's mission is to offer comprehensive, evidence-based education, certification, professional membership and training to childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, antepartum doulas and postpartum doulas. CAPPA certified professionals aim to empower, connect and advocate for families in the childbearing year. CAPPA seeks to forge positive and productive relationships between organizations that support healthy, informed family choices. The organization consists of a leadership board, regional representatives, trainers, mentors, advisors and its membership. CAPPA is the most comprehensive pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum organization available. To learn more about CAPPA's history, please click here: CAPPA.

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