Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pampered Pregger and Beyond

Pampered Pregger and Beyond and the Swap Spot provide advertising opportunities for professionals, as well as opportunities to support a worthy cause.

Tiffani Lawton is the founder/director of Pampered Pregger and Beyond which provides antepartum and postpartum doula support for expectant and postpartum families, as well as placenta encapsulation. Tiffani created and maintains the Swap Spot which is an internet spot where families can purchase, sell, swap, or give away children’s clothing and other items.

Tiffani’s three year old son Eamon was diagnosed with mild autism (just at the base of the spectrum). Their insurance company does not cover the bulk of the medical expenses, Tiffani being the creative person that she is realized an opportunity that would help her son receive the medical attention that he needs as well as others. She has created several options in which people can support their cause and benefit personally at the same time. The following fundraisers are in place providing opportunities for us to support Eamon and his family.

1) Pumpkin Recipes for the Autumn Holidays is 50 scrumptious recipes, supported by some fantastic advertisers. It is available in ebook format ($1) by download at or in print ($12) for holiday gift giving at

2) Online 50/50! $1.00 per chance to win half of the collective pot.
Drawing is 10/15/08. Come by and buy a few chances!

3) Reading About Me fundraiser
Eamon gets $10.00 with every order using the downloadable form.

4) Ad Options: Advertise on the blog for as little as $1.00 per month!

5) More recipe books coming soon.
Ad spots start at $5!
Great advertising opps and you help us raise funds at the same time.

The Lawton family thanks you in advance for your support.

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