Saturday, May 16, 2009

Solicitation for articles

The CAPPA Quarterly
Did you ever wish you could share your expertise with more birthing and postpartum families? Do you have an outlet to reach your audience? Want to share ideas and information with other professionals?

The mission of the CAPPA Quarterly is to represent and speak to professionals from all over the world and from all walks of life. When you write for the CAPPA Quarterly you provide us with content. But what is in it for you?

CAPPA accepts unsolicited articles from inside and outside sources. Consider these benefits:

 Continuing Education Units for recertification.
 Share knowledge of your favorite subject
 Gain experience
 Enhance credibility
 Develop relations
 Fosters creativity
 Gives you free exposure
 Develops competence

Currently we are looking for articles written on the following topics:

*how doulas can help a mom with multiples get organized, tricks for successful nursing and/or supplementing without guilt, and how to find lactation counselors.

*postpartum doulas and nights/weekends shifts, advertising nights/weekends shifts, pay scale, and information you give parents for the day while you're not there.

*how lactation educators/counselors working in hospitals set up classes, how do you reach moms, when do you see a breastfeeding mom, what info to you give mom for when she returns home, etc?

*an article about eco-friendly products for family, with a list that includes items that will not break the budget, cloth diapers, carriers, bedding, clothing, etc.

*an article for the new professional doula or cbe, including which products to start with, economical items, etc.

Questions for dad:
What is/was your number one concern when becoming a father?
How do you feel about your partner breastfeeding your baby? If you are for it, what information do you need to provide her the support/encouragement she might need.
Would you be interested in a support group for dads?
After the birth of your child, did you experience depression?
What information do/did you need to better support your partner during pregnancy, labor, parenting?

Please email your responses or questions to, with CAPPA Quarterly in the subject line.

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