Monday, July 20, 2009

Ananda Lowe Teleconference for Birth Professionals & Moms

Subject: Ananda Lowe Teleconference for Birth Professionals & Moms

Ananda Lowe, doula, birth expert, and Bantam Books author, is pleased to announce this upcoming class, which you may join for only $10 from any location where there is a telephone. CEUs available.

Do You Dread Inductions? -- Medical inductions are on the rise, causing birthing women and labor support providers to spend additional hours or days in the hospital, unable to labor at home as long as possible, anchored down to tubing and susceptible to other interventions, including the possibility of increased vaginal exams, increased risk of infection, the need for an unplanned epidural, and anxiety about the unexpected. What can mothers do prenatally to "prepare" for an unplanned induction?

Which scenarios would make an induction necessary for the mother and baby's safety (rather than a convenience), and what can be done to reduce the chances of these situations? We will discuss the psychological response to an induction, and techniques to remain confident and optimistic about labor with an induction. We will also discuss the fear that an induction will lead to a cesarean, and how to maintain focus on cesarean prevention and a positive birth experience.

This class is open to doulas, midwives, and mothers. Wednesday, August 5 at 7:30-9 PM Eastern time.

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