Friday, August 07, 2009

Decorating Your Home for Less!

Decorating your apartment to reflect your personality can make it feel more like home. Rental Decorating Digest (ideas by Julie Dana) provides 5 style tips that cost less than $50.00.

1). De-clutter your home. Taking away the clutter will make your space appear larger and help your treasured objects be emphasized rather than lost.

2). Make display surfaces pretty. A Key element used by professional decorators is the art of accessorizing. Keep it simple. Bookcases should not be more than 2/3 full and you should limit the number of items on an end table to three-cluster varied but related items together for more impact.

3). Paint to impress. (Michelle advises that you check your lease agreement before painting your apartment). Your lease does allow you to paint providing that you restore your home to the original condition prior to moving. Choose a complex color -not one that can easily be defined in one word.

4). Make it personal. Buy simple curtains then embellish to personalize your style. You can sew or use fabric glue to add ribbon, jewels, buttons, etc. Incorporate your hobbies, interests and values in your design.

5). Change with the seasons. Choose traditional and neutral furniture pieces. Accent your furniture with inexpensive accessories that can easily be changed with the seasons.

_____________Michelle Suggests_____________

1) Purchase seasonal pillow case colors and patterns that will allow you to change with the seasons in a more cost effective way.
2) When hanging pictures remember not everyone is 6 ft. tall, or 4'11. Place them in the middle where everyone can enjoy them.
3) Use couch covers to protect your furniture against stains; and as a way to change out with the seasons.
4) Use area rugs to protect carpets and floors.

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