Monday, August 03, 2009

Near Mama's Heart

Question: What do La Leche League, Attachment Parenting International, and Harvey Karp, M.D., have in common?

Answer: They LOVE Near Mama's Heart; and you will too!

Colleen Newman, Maryland State Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and Certified Happiest Baby Educator, has a unique way of presenting information. Her book Near Mama's Heart depicts the special bond between mother and baby in every tender picture.

Near Mama's Heart is available for preview and purchase on Newman’s site in the English version and in the Spanish version titled Cerca del Corazón de Mamá.

Near Mama's Heart, a children's book about breastfeeding written by Newman, is the perfect gift for moms-to-be, new Mama's or big brothers or sisters. It is the only children's book with real pictures of nursing Mama's, babies and their families. It is bright, warm, and a beautiful tribute to breastfeeding.

Near Mama’s Heart has received endorsements from well known authors and, parenting and breastfeeding experts such as Elizabeth Pantley, Amy Spangler, and Harvey Karp, M.D. to name a few. The Maryland State Department of Health distributes copies in their WIC offices and, The Australian Breastfeeding Association purchased copies to stock in their online and retail stores across Australia. Near Mama’s Heart is also available in many attachment parenting online stores and at
Please call Colleen Newman at 866.849.BABY; and visit her site at for purchasing information.

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