Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Parent Coaching and Educational Services

My Baby and More
Parent Coaching and Educational Services
Because Kids don't come with Instructions!

Parent Coaching

Do you need help figuring out which book, Child Development Expert,
or family/friends' opinion is the RIGHT Parenting Solution for you?

Helping new parents with all the changes a baby brings; feeding issues, fussy/colicky
babies, sleeping concerns, concerns about pets, and babywearing support

Communicating with your child

Addressing sibling rivalry

Discipline challenges; biting, tantrums, meltdowns

Toilet Learning Information

Nutrition Concerns

Helping parents modify and adapt their parenting practices as their children mature, as well as supporting parents as they adjust to their new roles

Supporting parents in giving homework help, using motivation techniques, and
strengthening their children's self-esteem

Modifying unwanted behavior

We provide relevant information and ongoing support for a broad spectrum of situations
including but not limited to:
"When I took my daughter to her pediatrician a few months ago, I noticed a flier in the office
announcing the addition of a parent coach to the office staff. Ballplayers have them, executives rely
on them, so why not a coach to help you navigate one of the most challenging positions you will ever
have?" ~~From Parent Coaching: A New Choice, By Dr. Victoria Carrington,
I promise to provide a compassionate, collaborative relationship between you
as the client(s) and myself, as the Coach. As a parent coach I will help you
identify your goals and help you to make clear and informed choices. We will
develop a plan based on what is most beneficial for you and your family.
Learning how to be a parent is like riding a bike.
It takes the right equipment, time, and LOTS of practice.
You CAN become the best parent you want to be!

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