Saturday, August 08, 2009

What Is A Doula?

Excerpted from the
“How to Become a Doula Ebook”
By The Birthing Business Institute

What is a Doula?
There is a new trend among pregnant women everywhere and it is changing the way women give birth. Celebrities are doing it, but it’s not just for the ‘elite’. It isn’t a class, tool or technique. What is this new trend, you ask? If you haven’t already heard, of a doula, you will! Pregnant women everywhere are starting to catch on- the secret to having a better birth isn’t just learning to ‘puff puff, blow blow’, and it’s not about having a quick epidural either! No, the secret is out: Having a doula is the thing to do.

OK, so just who are these doulas and what are they doing to make having one so trendy?
Studies have shown that the benefits of continuous labor support can reduce the rate of cesarean by 50%!! That’s not all a doula can do, this same study showed on average, 25% shorter labors, 60% reduction in epidural requests, 30% reduction in analgesic use, and 40% reduction in forceps delivery.

Apparently, Doula support is the gift that keeps on giving, 6 weeks after the birth of their babies, mothers who had doulas reported less anxiety and depression, more confidence with their babies, more satisfaction with their relationships with their partners, and were more likely to breastfeed.

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