Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CAPPA Quarterly

Dear Birth Year Professional,

Welcome to the autumn issue of the CAPPA Quarterly. We are proud to present high quality articles and advertisements that have the greatest impact to your professional services. Because our reader base is diverse we have included articles with a broad range of subject matter. Each article in this issue will enlighten and provide in-depth information that will help round out your services and enable you to provide up-to-date information.

In this issue:
How Bottle Feeding Affects Mothering Traditions by Vicky York
Men, Lovers and Fathers by Rose St. John
Placenta Ingestion: Better Postpartum Outcomes for Women by Jodi Selander
The Rice Sock by Jennifer Mossholder
Sleep With me, Mommy by Joan-e Rapine
Where the Postpartum Doula Shines Brightest by Marquita Evans

In this issue we also introduce our new column Health and Wellness: for the birth year. Sonali Shivlani provides timely tips for staying healthy during the flu season.
We also remember a friend and sister doula, Karen Kilson, who left us too soon. We will miss Karen but will remember her readiness to share information and resources with her sister professionals, and her diligence in protecting women’s birth year experiences and choices.

As always our advertisements will introduce you to services, products and higher education to help you remain abreast of current tools and information within your chosen field.

The CAPPA Quarterly readers have a right to expect that a high degree of usefulness will be accompanied by a sophisticated presentation. We have a stellar publications team to meet those expectations. I would like to thank Natalie Torres, Assistant to the Director of Publications, for her insight, directional assistance, and exceptional editing talents; Heidi Gonzales for her creative editing style; Louise DeLaney for her creatively intimate introductions of our CAPPA members in her Spotlight segment; and Molly Remer for her penetrating and relevant book and video reviews which introduce us to new information within our chosen professions. I couldn’t do this work without my highly valued team members. I appreciate you all and am honored to work with you.

If you would like to contribute to the next issue of the CAPPA Quarterly, please email your articles to doulamichelle@comcast.net, with CAPPA Quarterly in the subject line. To find more information regarding submissions, deadlines, general information and to read our current issue, go to http://www.cappa.net/quarterly.php.
We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


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