Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Jaeli was born with a rare chromosome disorder causing multiple health problems and an uncertain future:

She is one of four known people with this class of chromosome disorder.
Rare Chromo Baby group is how Jaeli’s mom sends updates and prayer requests.

Jaeli on Twitter: @rarechromobaby
Jaeli’s Mom on Twitter @brandybrow

URGENT NEED – It’s very complicated and I will add more details as soon as I’m able but Jaeli’s basic need is healthy milk. Every time she’s been put on any non-breastmilk formula or supplement (even a small percentage) she has had violent reactions. Last time she was vomiting so strongly she was bleeding in mouth/nose within 24 hours. She also lost nearly 10% of her body weight within 72 hours because of the severity of her reactions.

Please click here for more information and how you can help baby Jaeli.

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