Friday, March 05, 2010

We're Having a Homebirth

Children will love this colorful, contemporary book about their family's special upcoming hombirth event. A great tool for discussion about what to expect when the baby arrives. This book covers important issues like the role of a midwife, being good labor support, noises to expect mom to make, cord cutting, placenta delivery and breastfeeding, all whilst converying a very poisitive message. Combined with healthy conversation about pregnancy and homebirth, 'We're Having a Homebirth' will help teach children that birth is a natural occurance, not a medical emergency.

Paperback book printed in brilliant full color, finished size is 6in x 6in.
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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this resource and also for listing Beyond Postpartum in your blogroll! Appreciate it. :)

Michelle said...

You're quite welcome Amber. It's a fantastic book. My third daughter was born at home, if I had this book then I would have enjoyed reading it to my older two to help them prepare for her birth.