Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Despite Stigma, Motherhood ‘Meant To Be’ At 47

Forty-seven year old Jacky Erdogan, a Scot who transplanted herself to Northern Cyprus in 2004, believes that she was meant to have a baby and will not give up trying.

Erdogan, who will marry her current partner—whom she met in an electrical shop in Cyprus and moved in with in 2007—says her “expectations were high” for getting pregnant in her forties.

“My attitude was that age didn’t come into it at all” says Jackie Erdogan, “I didn’t see it as being any disadvantage whatsoever, as far as bringing up a child goes.”

Her enthusiasm is remarkable for a woman who has already suffered four miscarriages, her first at 43 with her former husband and the latter 3 with her current fiancé.

Hitherto unable to carry a pregnancy after two months, she states, “After my third spontaneous abortion I started to think there might be a problem with my body.”

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