Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Bed Bug Epidemic

By Pays to Live Green

Bed bugs have been a hot topic recently. They are no longer only in our beds or hotels, but now being found in the workplace, movie theaters and even in schools. With their resurgence, people are taking desperate measures by beginning to use dangerous chemicals to get rid of them as they did many years ago. There are other safer and more natural solutions that can help us fight against these pesky little bugs.

Though bed bugs do not carry disease and only cause skin irritation, they are still a pest that you don’t want in your home. Once bed bugs infiltrate your home, fighting against them can be extremely difficult. By taking a few measures, you can avoid getting them in the first place.

By making sure that you bedding materials are cleaned on a regular basis can help prevent these creatures from making your bed their home. If you leave sheets on your bed for weeks without cleaning, it can be a breeding ground for these creatures.

Second Hand Items
I have mentioned several times about buying items from consignment shops to save a little money and get more use out of a perfectly good item. When buying items, especially furniture, do a quick inspection on the items to make sure they are free of bed bugs. If there are signs of an infestation, you may want to avoid the item or make sure it is free of bed bugs before bringing it into your home.

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Girdle Girl said...

Just thinking about bed bugs makes my skin crawl.I always wash bedding at 60c to get rid of them.

Michelle said...

Hi Girlde Girl,

Thanks for visiting Childbirth and... And, thanks for sharing your tip with us concerning laundering clothing at high temperatures to get rid of bed bugs. This is a very good tip, and works well.

Please feel welcome to share with us again.


Michelle said...

Hi again, Girdle Girl. I wanted to apologize for misspelling your name.

Girdle Girl website can be found at http://www.thepostpartumgirdle.com/. Please check it out.