Thursday, January 06, 2011

12 Most Ridiculous Baby Trends of Today

Who hasn’t chuckled at strange things done by parents – or been a parent that did something others thought was ridiculous? Everyone has their opinion on babies, and there are so many different healthy parenting styles that families can adopt. But then, there are some things that really go over the top. Here, we examine 12 of the craziest baby trends out there today.

1.Baby gender cakes: Sparked by the Duggars on the Today Show, some parents-to-be are now asking bakers to get in on the big reveal, creating cakes that are either blue or pink on the inside with white icing outside. Together, parents and family members cut into the cake to find out the gender of their baby. Some even choose to throw a party for the occasion.

2.Over the top luxury toys: Nothing is too good for your baby, right? Well then, a $17,000 diamond pacifier should fit the bill. Just don’t forget to use a pacifier clip, because you wouldn’t want to lose this one!

3.Infant diets: Babies with fat rolls are cute and cuddly, but some parents are so afraid of childhood obesity that they put their children on a diet. Most of the time, extra weight is good for young children, and babies shouldn’t be put on a diet unless the recommendation comes from their pediatrician.

4.Denim diapers: Diapers used to be waste receptacles, but now, they can be fashionable. Huggies recently introduced a new line of diapers made to look like denim pants, so your little one can wear jeans, too.

5.Diaper free: It’s a major breakthrough for some parents, but for most, it’s just a lot of work. Young children are being taught to go without diapers and give their parents or caregivers signals that they are ready to go to the bathroom. This practice can be started as early as birth, but it’s only for the truly committed.

6.Scary baby shower cakes: Whether explicit or just plain creepy, the next baby shower you attend may be graced with a scary cake. Some are shaped like babies or bellies, and others depict moms giving birth. What we’d really like to know is – who actually eats these?

7.The wee block: Some parents learn how to master little boy diaper changes, and some run out and buy a product that may be more trouble than it’s worth. If you find yourself changing a little boy’s diaper, simply open the diaper to expose him to air, then put it down again for a moment to let him pee before moving on to a new diaper.

8.Fake babies: Some childless women are adopting baby dolls. They insist that they feel like mothers with these dolls that are made to look and feel like real babies, even taking them out to the park and throwing birthday parties for them.

9.Baby toupees: There’s no word on whether any parents have actually embraced this trend or not, but baby toupees are ridiculously entertaining. Parents can choose from a variety of different wigs to top off their babies in style for special occasions or everyday looks.

10.Extreme postpartum diets: Popular with celebrities, extreme diets are a crazy way to get back your pre-baby shape. Restrictive diets like raw broccoli for lunch and dinner are a dangerous way to lose weight, and can stop milk production if you’re trying to breastfeed.

11. Baby pumps: Before they can walk, some little girls are wearing trendy pink pumps. Designed for the amusement of adults, this footwear is just plain wrong. Or hilarious, depending on how you look at it.

12.Personal training: Kids as young as 3 can work with personal trainers to lose weight and work out. However, doctors warn that children can’t work out the same way as adults. Additionally, playtime with physical activity is an important bonding experience for parents and babies, so parents should try to give their little ones a workout instead of sending them to a trainer.


Post Girl said...

Reading that its clear that some parents need a good slap. God help their kids.

Anonymous said...

This is helpful info. I don't have children, but when I do I hope I remember at least some of this, lol. I have to admit some of this made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I don't have children, but had to wonder what some of these parents were thinking. I hope I don't do some of this stuff when I have children. But I laughed at the wigs, some of those babies looked so cute.