Sunday, May 22, 2011

All in a Days Work

By Michelle Schnaars

In April I launched a new blog – with the purpose of encouraging open communication between girls, young women, and their parents concerning menarche, menstruation, and feminine hygiene products, and to help girls and young women form healthy thinking and choices for their care. Six weeks after its inception, Menses Today has faithful visitors from around the world, United States, India, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Ghana, Germany, Pakistan, and Russia to name a few. Thanks to all our visitors we appreciate you and wouldn’t thrive without you!

Why is Menses Today important to so many people from such diverse countries? Because we all have young women in our lives who are either about to enter puberty or have started. As a mother of three young girls, an aunt, and a friend of other mothers, I know we all have the same questions and concerns for our daughters. We want to help them while they mature. To provide helpful answers to their questions and direct them to healthy products that will also be comfortable for them. We want to provide a safe place for them to come to us and know that their feelings and needs are respected.

Menses Today is a place for young girls and the woman in their lives to come and learn about all things menarche, menstruation, and feminine hygiene –no and’s or if’s just the period! There are links to informative articles and books, a directory of definitions of related words, and links to feminine hygiene care products, and more. You’ll learn things that you might not have known before, and you’ll gain a community of support for you and your daughter as you both enter this new and exciting journey.


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