Thursday, June 12, 2008

100 Health And Medical Resources For Busy, Expectant Moms

By Alisa Miller

Getting ready for the arrival of a new baby is busy work. Not only do you have the adjustments to your changing body, but preparing for the baby and the changes in your life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let this list of 100 resources take some of the workload off you as you learn about aspects of your pregnancy, your developing baby, and what to do upon the arrival of your little one.

Exercise Getting exercise while you are pregnant not only keeps your weight in check as you begin eating for two, it also prepares your body for the birth experience. Here are several resources for ways to keep moving while you are pregnant.

10 Commandments of Pregnancy Exercise. This great article not only offers 10 tips to help with your exercise program, it also lists some exercise favorites of moms-to-be.

Pregnancy Exercise Do’s and Don’ts. Exercise is important during your pregnancy, just be sure to keep in mind what you can and can’t do. This article will help you know the best way to exercise.

Exercising While Pregnant: Good For You, and Good For Baby Too. This article explains why you should exercise during your pregnancy and offers some great forms of exercise that are safe while pregnant.
Pregnancy Exercise–Abdominal Work. Many women fear doing ab exercises during pregnancy. This fitness guru will show you how to do it safely.
Exercises During Pregnancy–Cardio. You don’t have to stop doing your cardio workout just because you are pregnant. Learn how to do it safely.
Pregnancy Exercises: Three Key Exercises. Strengthen your back, deep abdominals, and your pelvic floor with these three exercises.

Clearing Up Myths about Pregnancy Exercise. Get the best information about exercise and pregnancy so you can keep yourself and your baby healthy.
Yoga Mama. This blog is written by a pregnant yoga instructor. You will get tons of tips, exercises, yoga DVDs, and more to help you with your prenatal yoga exercise.
Joanna Runs. Follow the exercise adventures and advice of Joanna, a runner who happens to be pregnant. She offers good alternative to running as well.
Prenatal Water Workouts. As this article points out, you don’t have to know how to swim to participate in a pregnancy water workout. This form of exercise is well-suited to pregnancy.

General Nutrition Eating right becomes even more important when you are pregnant. Your developing baby absorbs what you eat. Use these tips on ways to feed yourself and your baby for the whole nine months.

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