Friday, July 09, 2010

Growing as You Prepare for Fatherhood

Written by Wintergreen for

If you're expecting a child, here's a word of caution about what happens all-too-frequently for a dad-to-be: Shortly after his newborn's birth, he holds his baby feeling totally amazed, quite overwhelmed and thinking to himself, Gee, you're so small; I'm afraid I might hurt you. Coupled with this, men commonly feel uncertain about their skills to care for a young one. This lack of knowing how to be a father can have huge unintended negative consequences that ripple through the family.

If it feels like you don’t instinctively know how to care for your baby, that’s normal—for new dads and moms. Every new parent has to learn, just like your child has a lot to learn about life. What’s different for your baby and his mother is that they don’t really have a choice about taking on their new role—they both have a biological imperative.

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