Saturday, November 20, 2010

Become a Labor Doula

Do you enjoy working with pregnant women?
Why not become a labor doula?

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) Labor Doula Workshop
Presented by: Crystal Sada, CCCE, CLD

Learn how to support women in labor and become a certified labor doula

Topics include:
*What a doula is
*How to start your doula business
*Comfort measures and non-pharmaceutical comfort techniques
*Communication skills
*Networking/Birth Movies
*Labor Balls
*And much, much more during this amazing and inspiring weekend for additional information
Where: King of Prussia Chiropractic, King of Prussia, PA
When: February 26 & 27, 2011
Contact: Crystal @ 856-234-1927 or

Who should attend? Anyone with a passion for birth and would like to work with laboring women: childbirth educators, doulas, nurses, and midwives.

Scholarships available.

Call Crystal at 856-234-1927 or email for additional information.


Types of Nurses said...

What is the difference between a doula and a Labor & Delivery nurse? Are the qualifications stricter for a licensed nurse than a doula?

Michelle said...

This is a good question. The qualifications are different.

A labor and delivery nurse practices medicine and performs medical tasks: Blood pressure checks, checks for dilation and effacement, or checks the woman’s temperature. She administers drugs, and oversees medical equipment: such as the fetal heart rate monitor. After the baby is born she checks the baby’s heart and reflexes.

The labor doula is a trained/certified individual working with the family before the birth of their baby. She provides continuous physical and emotional support throughout labor, and remains just after the birth to help with breastfeeding and other transitions. The doula serves as an advocate, labor coach, and information source to give the mother and her partner the added comfort of additional support throughout the entire labor. She helps with a variety of positions changes and comfort measures. She also provides support for the woman’s partner.

As you can see the roles of a labor and delivery nurse, and that of a labor doula are different. Some labor doulas are certified or licensed in medicine, however. So they may provide different services, but it is under that license that they are functioning and not as a regular labor doula. And, some labor and delivery nurses are able to provide physical and emotional comfort to their patients depending on the amount of time they have and how many patients they have.

More information about the role of a labor doula can be found at

Types of Nurses said...

That's a great answer, thank you Michelle.

steve smith said...

The qualification is different as well as their duties and responsibilities are also different. There is also difference in their salary packages.