Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training

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Cost of Training: $400.00 USD
The 2 day training course is the first step to become a Certified Postpartum Doula

Montpelier VT ~ ONLY 1 spot left!

Foxboro MA ~ ONLY 3 spots left!

Training Locations:

Montpelier, VT January 29-30
Foxboro, MA February 12-13
Bridgton, ME February 19-20
Manchester, NH February 26-27
Salem, MA March 12-13
New Haven, CT March 26-27

Training Details:

* The Postpartum Doula Scope of Practice
* Caring for new mothers
* Education and Support for family members
* Breastfeeding Support/Breast care
* How to teach baby soothing and calming techniques
* How to instruct mom/family members on baby care techniques
* Recognizing/education on postpartum mood disorders
* Creating a list of local resources specific to needs of client
* Marketing your Doula business
* Creating contracts and documents for clients
* Scheduling

Trainig includes Postpartum Doula Training Manual and a binder of local resources, information and brochures for Postpartum clients and marketing/business tools.


jodi said...

Montpelier VT ~ ONLY 1 spot left!
Foxboro MA ~ ONLY 3 spots left!

Michelle said...

Thank you for the updated information, Jodi. I have made a note within the main post as well to bring further attention to it.