Thursday, March 03, 2011

Birth Work Professionals- Training Options

Show: Doula Diaries; Birth and More
Episode Number: 003

A lot of women prepare themselves for "pains" in birth with whatever information they can glean from friends, family, doctors, books and internet. No matter how much they know they always feel it would not be enough. They are getting information but not answers to their questions. Each new piece of advice, each new story leaves them with many more questions. We need the birth community where these women find support and answers.

There is a huge gap between the demand of birth professionals and the number of people working in these fields. One of the reason may be that there are not enough birth work professionals is that there are not enough training options. Most organisations are in the west and cut and pastewould never work well. Like birth, the birth workers also need to have a community and hands on support here. CAPPA comes to India embracing the culture. This is an organisation that offers training options in India, but not just for India. Their certification is catering to India and yet meets standards and is recognised internationally.

In conversation with Sonali Shivlani, who heads CAPPA India talking about the dream of every woman having support she needs in labour and birth.

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