Friday, May 08, 2009

International Doula Month

Press Release: Lawrenceville, GA: May 6, 2009: May is International Doula Month.

Contact: Tracy Wilson Peters, CAPPA Director/Founder at 888-My-CAPPA or,

This is the month that Doulas and the families they work with celebrate the profession.

There are three types of doulas who provide support for women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum:
A Labor Doula helps expectant women and families prepare for childbirth by providing resources and timely information, and by providing emotional and physical support throughout the birth event.
The Antepartum Doula has extensive training that relates to assisting expectant women who may be on bed-rest, who may or may not be high-risk.
A Postpartum Doula can help smooth the Transition into parenting by providing continuous support in the first few weeks after delivery by providing assistance with breastfeeding and newborn care, in addition to other types of practical help.

The support of a Doula improves the childbirth experience, increases breastfeeding success, improves family bonding, and encourages and strengthens families.

CAPPA is a non-profit international training and certifying organization. Founded in
1998 CAPPA’s mission is to provide professional membership and training in related
Women’s health fields. These consist of Childbirth and Lactation Educators, Antepartum, Labor and Postpartum doulas, advanced certifications in Teen Support, Adoption Services and the Advanced Comfort Measures training class. CAPPA has grown to include national and international members and three divisions: the parent organization CAPPA, CAPPA Canada and Operation Special Delivery (OSD).


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