Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Joining Forces - The HUG and Operation Special Delivery (OSD)

"My husband's in Iraq. I'm all alone to have this baby...and don't know what I'll do!"

A fundraiser to support women who deliver while their husbands are deployed.

Program provides:
Free doula services and a Free HUG DVD

Those big tears rolling down Tonya's face say it all. She is living at the local Army base while her husband is serving in Iraq. They are expecting their first child, and Tonya is here...and is alone. She will soon enter the military hospital as a young, first time mother, all by herself. Since Tonya and her husband recenlty moved to the base, she did not have time to take a childbirth class. She wants natural childbirth, but the doctors suggest that a planned c-section might be easier for all.

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