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Maternity Reflexology Workshop: The Doula Bag of Tricks

Amazing Reflexology techniques for a pleasant pregnancy and a happy birth
With Moshe Kruchik, Reflexologist, Doula and Antenatal Educator
President of the International Society of Maternity Reflexology

Pregnancy is probably the most beautiful period a woman can live in her life. For some reason nature has chosen her body to develop the continuation of life. Her body is like a huge pharmacy able to provide with all the medicines she needs to promote the development of a pleasant pregnancy and a happy birth.

As professionals who care, escort and assist during pregnancy and childbirth, we aim that the
expectant mother lives this period in harmony with herself, with joy and full of positive energy. We aim that she feels happy in body and soul, and that this happiness reflects in the baby's
development and mood.

Reflexology is a touch therapy based on the principle that all the organs in the body are reflected in the sole of the feet. By massaging and applying specific pressure in specific points in the feet, we are able to help the body realign its own energies in order to find its own balance in body and mind. It is a pleasant and effective therapy, non invasive, friendly and extremely relaxing. The objective of this workshop aims to enrich your skills and your practice as a Doula. Based on an intense and enjoyable practice, this workshop focuses on the specific techniques able to cover a wide spectrum of situations in pregnancy and birth and provide with useful tools to be used while working with the expectant mother.

Syllabus and schedule
1) Introduction to Reflexology: Overview, mapping the feet and basic concepts.
2) Reflexology as a preventative therapy during pregnancy. Overview
3) Reflexology Techniques for pregnancy:
Practical training of specific techniques for the treatment of different conditions that might
appear during pregnancy:

- How to get rid of Oedema (fluid retention) in one single session:
An effective and amazing technique developed by author by which is possible to get rid of
Oedema and not let it come back….in one single session of Reflexology
.- The Parabola Technique: for the treatment of anemia, anxiety, dizziness and lack of energy.
- Technique for the treatment of SPD (Symphisis Pubic Dysfunction) and backache.
An effective technique oriented to the relief of pain due to SPD and to facilitate good sleep.
- Technique for the immediate relief of pain of every kind.
- Technique for the relief or Braxton-Hicks contractions

4) Reflexology Techniques for labour:
Practical, quick and effective techniques to create the perfect onset of labour and avoid a
cascade of unnecessary interventions.

- Reflexology techniques for pain relief.
- Special technique for the latent stage. Promoting relaxation and hormonal balance.
- Special technique to boost and maintain good contractions, helping to avoid unnecessary
chemical induction.
- Benefits of Reflexology when an epidural anesthesia is given.
- Helping with evacuation of the digestive and the urinary system
- Helping with breathing

The workshop is delivered along two consecutive half days, from 3.30 PM to 10 PM each meeting, with 2 short coffee breaks each day.
Total hours: 12

Every attendant will receive a manual explaining the different techniques, useful graphs, charts and Reflexology maps at the beginning of the workshop. This manual is authored by the course tutor and it is copyright.

Attendants will receive a certificate of completion issued by The International Society of Maternity Reflexology.

The registration fee for the two days is $ 250. The course manual is included in the fee.

MOSHE KRUCHIK Graduated as a Reflexologist. And, as a Doula at the MediCin College of Complementary Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel (with honors) and as a Childbirth Educator at the Dyada Center for Parenting and Natural Birth, Tel Aviv, Israel. Invited as a speaker to conferences and courses by several Reflexology associations in the whole world, his courses are
recognized as CPD courses by the major Reflexology associations and by several associations of Midwives and Doulas around worldwide. Probably the first male Doula in the world, Moshe has been the organizer of the First International Conference on Maternity Reflexology, held in Israel in Oct. 2009, where hundreds of Reflexologists, Midwives, Doulas and Homebirth Midwives from all over the planet gathered to share their experiences with Reflexology in the fields of fertility, pregnancy, birth, puerperium and newborns. He is also the founder and president of the International Society of Maternity Reflexology.

The International Society of Maternity Reflexology Ltd.
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