Saturday, July 17, 2010

Childbirth Positions on Hands-and-Knees

Childbirth positions on hands-and-knees are beneficial for many situations. They may not be pretty, but are effective at increasing the mother's comfort level and can prevent other complications.

The "Crawl" Position
The "crawl" position is performed exactly as it sounds, on all fours as if the mother were about to crawl. This position is also commonly used with pelvic rocking to increase the mother's comfort level.

This position, while definitely not glamorous, is extremely beneficial for birthing a large baby. It allows the pelvis to expand to its largest dimensions and reduces the pressure on the perineum while giving the baby more room to maneuver if needed.

This position is also a natural alternative when umbilical cord prolapse is an issue. Cord prolapse occurs when the umbilical cord falls into the birth path before the baby. When this happens, the cord can become constricted, cutting off oxygen and blood to the baby. It's a potentially life-threatening situation.

If your waters have ruptured and the cord has potentially fallen into the birth path, moving into this position can prevent the cord from falling further. The baby is encouraged to move towards the top of the uterus, thus the cord has less risk of becoming constricted or may even retract on its own.

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