Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moving Around During Labor

Alternative Positions to Lying Down During Childbirth
Amy Kreydin

Laboring in alternative positions can help with the descent of the baby as well as provide comfort and ease pain during childbirth. Get up and move around!

Movement during labor is very important for the mother aiming for a natural childbirth. Considered as one of the comfort measures used during labor, movement and position changes can help a mom be more comfortable.

There are many ways to use movement during labor; here are some of them:
To help speed labor up – particularly helpful if labor is stalled or slow-going
To bring comfort and pain relief
Harnessing gravity to encourage the baby to move down thus saving mom’s energy
To encourage the mother that labor will not go on forever
Changes the mood and environment

Don’t Just Lay There!

Lying down during childbirth can work against the laboring body. It is great for brief moments of rest and gives the mother a chance to catch her breath. But don’t stay flat for very long!

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