Monday, February 28, 2011

It’s a Small World After All

By Michelle Schnaars

All around the world people are coming to Childbirth and… for information pertaining to the birth year.

Today's world is vastly different than our grandparents, and even different than our parent’s world. I remember when I was about twelve years old my friend’s parents had a car phone. This was a huge black box with a phone receiver and cord. I was impressed with the fact that they could go anywhere and call someone on this thing, and actually communicate with a real person on the other end. But now when I think back on that car phone I have to laugh because we’ve come a long way. We’ve long since waved good-bye to big and clumsy boxed car phones. Everywhere we go people are using mobile phones that look like an ansible used in sci-fi shows. But this is just one way in which the world has become more connected. In a world where the majority of homes have at least one computer, we can see across the world without having to leave our front door and hop on a plane. Even E-mail is being replaced with texting and Skype.

Today’s adults have different options, interests, and concerns. We can become connected to someone living on the other side of the world at the click of a finger, and we’re not even feeling creepy about it! This is just the way of the world, the way things are, and it’s our world. One in which we communicate and share information with our friends who live in Canada when we live in Germany. So, Childbirth and… would like to thank our visitors who came by today to catch up on birth year news or share their thoughts.

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So, even though I live in the USA, my blog is viewed by people all over the world, and I appreciate your visiting with us today.

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